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KVX Innovations was founded by professionals with customer and service provider experience in the transportation and logistics segment. Based on this, the company group’s initial activity was transport and logistics education and the provision of outsourced logistics tasks.

In addition to the consulting related to this area, the software management business branch was organized into a separate company, which started creating software to support transportation and logistics procurement. Since then, it has invented and created software that is different from the industry (developed for movie fans) and entered the international market with it.

In order to introduce the wines of the well-deserved world-famous Tokaj-Hegyalja region, the founders created a subsidiary company based on the wine tourism activity in the region, which functions with the permission of a travel agency. In addition to the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region, another popular travel destination and region known for its wine production, Sicily, has also been added to the list of organized trips with various colorful programs.

As a combination of the tourism specialization and the love of movies, the film tourism business has also developed, which guides the company group’s passengers to filming locations in Budapest and Sicily, and combines the tours with other film programs. The program packages are also available supplemented with city visits (especially UNESCO World Heritage sites), wine tastings, meals, accommodation, and team-building activities.

Considering that the founders of the company group have been working in the business sector for several decades, they are therefore aware of the criteria for a well-organized business trip, visiting an exhibition, participating in a fair, therefore using this knowledge and the network of contacts established in tourism, business tourism is part of the portfolio, especially the MICE segment.

Based on the above, our company provides services in 3 areas through its subsidiaries and investments. Animated samples of the activities of the 3 areas can be found on the company group’s YouTube channel!

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Education of transportation knowledge
Execution of outsourced logistics tasks
Freight law consultation and legal representation

Software management

Logistics sourcing software
Movie rating and ranking software
Tangible asset registration software