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KVX Innovations was founded by professionals with customer and service provider experience in the transportation and logistics segment.
Based on this, the initial activity of the company group was transport and logistics education, provision of outsourced logistics tasks.

In addition to the consulting related to this area, the software management business branch was organized into a separate company, which started the creation of a software to support transport and logistics procurement with a special solution that differentiates it from its competitors, which has since invented and created a software that is different from the industry and entered the international market with it.
The software is an application for film lovers, with which they can evaluate and rate the films they have seen in a unique way and create their own rank list.

In order to introduce the wines and the atmosphere of the well-deserved world-famous Tokaj-Hegyalja region, the founders together with a partner created a subsidiary company based on the wine tourism activity in the region, which functions as a travel agency and therefore also organizes other trips.

Based on the above, our company provides services in 3 areas through its subsidiaries and investments.

Enter the world that interests you!


Education of transportation knowledge
Execution of outsourced logistics tasks
Freight law consultation and legal representation

Software management

Logistics sourcing software
Movie rating and ranking software
Tangible asset registration software


Gastro tour in famous Tokaj wine region
Private events in our clubcellar
Quality wines made from Tokaj and Sicilian grapes.

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